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Oceatec is a team of mechanical designers, automation and process specialists dedicated to provide services to the food processing industry, and especially to the fishery, the seafood, the fish processing and the harvesting industry.

A privately owned firm, founded in 2004, Oceatec assist companies in the development of technological solutions and innovations to improve their process and their activities. We help enterprises innovate, grow and improve their process. Oceatec provides solutions in the development of fish process and fish automation, with an industry minded approach to optimize project costs and time.

Oceatec specializes in developing safe and innovative fish, shellfish and seafood processing equipment, machines, processing lines and automated systems, for in plant and embarqued activities.

Learn more about the different ways that we can assist your company by reviewing our Services page. We also offer ready to serve processing equipment that you will discover on the Equipments page of this site.

Drop us a line. We are looking forward to learn about your project ideas and help you bringing them to reality

Download a presentation document of our services for the fish, seafood and marine products processing industry:


February 2019
Oceatec will do a presentation at the Food Automatic Atlantic conference in St.John's, NL.
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