Leader in Seafood and Fish Processing Automation

At Oceatec, we provide solutions in the development of fish process and fish automation. We are industry minded and we always aim at optimizing project costs and time.

Oceatec specializes in developing new fish equipment as well as in improving the performance of existing seafood processing equipment. We help processors and fishery managers grow and improve their activities.

Here are some of the Services that we provide:

  • Support in bringing your ideas to life, from concept to fabrication;

  • Research and experimental development in fish process;

  • Automation of manual process and operations;

  • Assistance in fish processing equipment selection;

  • New seafood equipment design and fabrication;

  • New fish processing machine design to add to existing lines;

  • Energy costs calculations and sources conversion;

  • Mechanical design, drawings and specifications for fabrication;

  • Seafood processing lines productivity and yield improvement;

  • Support to your operations and processing team;

  • And so much more.

To learn more about our vision of a successful fish equipment design project, read this

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